vPhase Body Cleanse LTD T&C's & Shipping Policy

Please note that vPhase Body Cleanse LTD has established Customer Standards that each customer must meet and continue to meet in order to order its products and/or brands, which are available only to customers who meet the applicable Standards. vPhase Body Cleanse LTD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine which customers or potential customers meet the Standards, to monitor whether a customer continues to meet the Standards and to modify the Standards from time to time. The creation of the Standards, and their administration and enforcement, shall not be deemed under any circumstances to create any legal rights in any party other than vPhase Body Cleanse LTD, or be enforceable by any party other than vPhase Body Cleanse LTD. vPhase Body Cleanse LTD also reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to sell to any party, to refuse to sell to any party, or to cease selling to any party regardless of whether such party meets the Standards.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1.  Terms of Sale.  Customer’s orders are submitted to vPhase Body Cleanse LTD Corporation (Company) with respect to products to be purchased hereunder (Products) and will be governed by these terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions). Nothing contained in any purchase order or other correspondence will in any way modify these Terms and Conditions or add any additional terms or conditions, all of which are hereby expressly rejected by Company. By placing an order or accepting Products, Customer will be deemed to have: (i) accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, and (ii) certified that Customer meets and will continue to meet vPhase Body Cleanse LTD Standards. These Terms and Conditions may be revised at any time by Company, and orders submitted after such revisions will be governed by the revised Terms and Conditions. Company has the right at any time to revise the prices of the Products without notice. Such revisions will apply to all orders received thereafter.
  2.  Order and Acceptance.  No order will be binding upon Company until accepted in writing by Company at Company’s offices in Utah (United States of America) or London (United Kingdom), and Company will have no liability to Customer with respect to purchase orders that are not accepted. Shipment of an order will be deemed to constitute Company’s acceptance thereof. Products purchased from Company are not for sale or resale in or outside the United States or United Kingdom without Company’s prior written consent.
  3.  Payment.  Unless credit terms have been established, Company requires payment in advance by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. To establish credit, a completed credit application is required. Upon approval and as to orders within credit limits, terms are net 30 days from date of invoice, unless a different period is stated on the invoice. Company will not be required to make any shipment until payment is made consistent with the terms hereof. Unless otherwise agreed to by Company, all payments hereunder will be in U.S. dollars or Great British Pounds. Any amounts owing hereunder and not paid on a timely basis will bear interest at a rate of 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% per annum, or at the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is lower. Returned checks may be submitted for collection and are subject to a $25 returned check fee. Failure to pay the invoiced amount in full on the terms specified herein will void any and all discounts given and Customer will be liable for Company’s standard wholesale pricing. Customer will pay all of Company’s costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees, court costs and collection costs) incurred to collect any amounts owing Company. The Company reserves the right to apply interest charges retroactively, whether or not they are shown on individual statements or invoices.
  4.  Shipping.  For retailer orders, unless special promotions apply, there are no shipping charges for US customers and will be shipped by ground via USPS or other common carrier. However, Customer is responsible for shipping costs for orders outside of the US, and for the cost of special shipping arrangements (such as 2 day, 3 day and overnight delivery by Air) or packaging requested by Customer. Different pricing may apply to distributor orders or in specific cases. Subject to the foregoing, all Products will be packed in Company’s standard shipping cartons and delivered to Customer F.O.B. origin, freight prepaid.
  5.  Delivery.   Shipping and delivery dates are approximate only. Company will not be liable for any loss or expense (consequential, incidental or otherwise) incurred by Customer (or any of its customers) if Company fails to meet such dates for any reason. Customer will be billed for the freight costs if a package is refused, and for a 20% restocking charge.
  6.  Taxes.  Customer’s purchase price does not include any federal, state, provincial, local or other taxes or fees that may be applicable to the sale or shipment of the Products, all of which will be the sole responsibility of Customer. Company may either require prepayment of such taxes or fees, or add them as a line item on its invoice, and Customer will reimburse Company for the same within 15 days of the date of the invoice. If a taxing authority later determines such taxes are owing, Customer shall promptly pay or reimburse Company for the same.
  7.  Inspection of Products.   Customer will inspect all Products promptly upon receipt. Any Products that fail in a material way to meet applicable specifications must be rejected in writing within 30 calendar days of receipt of Products by Customer or they will be deemed accepted.
  8.  Applicable Laws.  Except as otherwise specifically set forth herein or in any written agreement between Customer and Company, Customer shall be solely responsible for and shall comply with, at its own cost and expense, all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations concerning the sale of the Product and shall not sell the Product in any jurisdiction where sale of the Product is not allowed under applicable laws or regulations.


If you purchase a subscription to the vPhase VIP Club through our Site, every ninety (90) days, we will send you a shipment containing a Quantum Vetox cleanse kit from us. As part of your subscription you also receive monthly access to the Plant Based Success Club and/or The vPhase Vault usually charged at $39.99.

Your subscriptionof $80 will continue, and you will be charged, every thirty (30) days, until you choose to cancel. However, please note that all fees for the Services are non-refundable, so if you cancel your subscription, we will send you any outstanding supply of your Quantum Vetox product but will not refund you any amounts for shipments not received as of the date of cancellation. There is no subscription fee associated with your subscription. You will only be charged for the cost of the product and the cost of shipping and handling. After your initial thirty (30) day subscription period, and again after any subsequent subscription period, your subscription will automatically commence on the first day following the end of such period (each a “Renewal Commencement Date”) and continue for an additional thirty (30) day period, at our then-current price for such subscription. You agree that your account will be subject to this automatic renewal feature unless you cancel your subscription at any time prior to the Renewal Commencement Date by logging into your account and cancelling your membership. 

If you do not wish your account to renew automatically, or if you want to cancel your subscription, please log into your account and cancel your membership. By subscribing, you authorize us to charge your payment provider now, and again at the beginning of any subsequent subscription period. We will send you an email reminder prior to charging your payment provider each subscription period. If you choose to cancel your subscription at any time, your subscription will terminate automatically and we will not charge your payment provider for the subsequent subscription period. You agree that the we may either terminate or suspend your subscription for any reason at any time in our sole discretion.

Depending on when you order your product through our membership (vPhase VIP Club) your following subscription payments will be debited from your account on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

Please also note that as per your subscription you will receive a branded vPhase Body Cleanse drink shaker on your first order only. All subsequent cleanse kits shipped to you will not contain a drink shaker. You are able to purchase replacement drink shakers from the website at a cost of $9.99 should you need a replacement.

Return Policy/COVID-19 Update

  1. In order to protect our employees and our customers from any additional risk, we have made the decision to change our merchandise return policy. We will not be accepting returns of any merchandise until further notice. This policy is consistent on our e-Commerce website & at all stores that retail vPhase products, as well as with all of our competitors. Once a product has left the manufacturing facility , we cannot accept it back and give a refund. This policy overrides any and all further policies on this page that counteract this policy until Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.
  2. Returns and Credits.  No Products may be returned for credit or refund without prior authorization of Company. A 20% restocking charge will be assessed on shipments refused or returned within 30 days of shipment date, unless the return is for properly rejected Products. If Company decides at its sole discretion to accept a return of any Products more than 30 days after the shipment date, a 40% handling and return charge will be assessed on all such returns. No expired Products may be returned under any circumstances. Customer will be responsible for all shipping charges for any returned Products, except those that are properly rejected within 30 days and returned with prior authorization. In no event will Company be liable for replacement of Products (or for shipping charges) which have been damaged or abused by Customer or its agents, or which have additional labels or price tags applied. No credits may be taken by Customer without the express written consent of Company. Company will not authorize credit for any products that have been destroyed or discarded by Customer.
  3.  Indemnification.  Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold Company and its affiliates, and its and their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents harmless from any and all actions, suits, proceedings, awards, judgements, claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) attributable to Customer’s breach of these Terms and Conditions (including, but not limited to, Customer’s unauthorized sale of Products outside of the United States) or to any negligent, grossly negligent, wilful or unlawful acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, officers, agents, or representatives.
  5.  Security Interest.  Customer hereby grants, and Company hereby reserves, a security interest in the Products until the purchase price has been paid, foreclosable in accordance with applicable law.
  6.  Contingencies.  Company will not be liable for any delay in performance or for nonperformance in whole or in part caused by the occurrence of any contingency beyond the control either of Company or Company’s suppliers.
  7.  Content.  Approved wholesale customers who choose to use trademarks, artwork, photographs and trade dress found on the labelling of the Products or on Company’s websites (the “Content”) agree that such use is under a revocable, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable, non-exclusive license and is only permitted in the normal course of advertising and selling the Products. Company retains the exclusive right, title and interest in and to the Content as well as, at its option, to any modifications and all use thereof shall inure to Company. All use of Content is at Customer’s sole risk and Company is under no obligation to monitor any customer’s use or notify customers of changes or deletions. Company expressly disclaims any representation or warranty that the Content is valid, that it complies with applicable laws and regulations or that the Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. Company may withdraw or terminate this license at any time or may disapprove the use of the Content on or as the URL of particular website(s), in which case such customer shall immediately cease use and transfer ownership upon company’s demand. All promotional and advertising materials bearing the Content shall include appropriate legal notices as established from time to time by Company, including “[Trademark] is a trademark of vPhase Body Cleanse LTD.” or “[Trademark] is owned by vPhase Body Cleanse LTD.” The rights accruing to Company hereunder will be deemed for the benefit of Company and its affiliates and subsidiaries.
  8.  Governing Law.  The validity, construction and performance of this contract and the transactions to which it relates will be governed by the laws of the State of Utah, US or city of London, UK without regard to conflict of law principles. All actions, claims of legal proceedings in any way pertaining to this contract or such transactions will be commenced and maintained in the courts of Utah (or UK) or in a federal court of the United States physically situated in Utah.
  9.  Additional Terms Regarding International Sales.  To the extent that Customer is granted permission from vPhase Body Cleanse LTD, to ship any of the Products outside of the territory of the United States of America, the following additional provisions apply:

(a) Customer shall be solely responsible for and shall comply, at its own cost and expense, with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and any jurisdiction to which the Products are shipped, including, without limitation, all laws and regulations applicable to the export of the Products from the United States, their shipment to and import into, and sale within any jurisdiction outside of the United States, and shall complete and submit all paperwork, declarations and certifications and obtain all necessary approvals required for such export, import and sale (it being understood that Company may not be able and does not commit to provide any specific or particular documentation or support, and that Company shall have no obligation to determine the legality of the importation, labelling, marketing, sale, distribution, or any other matter relating to the distribution of the Products by Customer outside of the United States of America).

(b) Customer may only sell Products outside of the United States of America after obtaining written approval from Company. Company may revoke its approval at any time, and the list of Products and countries into which Customer is granted permission to sell may be modified at any time by Company.

(d) Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Company from and any against and loss, liability, fine, penalty, claim, damage or expense arising from or in connection with any breach of or failure of Customer to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Shipping Policy:


Alert: Order delivery may be delayed an extra 7 – 10 business days, depending on shipping method and location. While we do our best to provide estimated delivery time frames, high shipping volumes nationwide may result in delays. We know how important it is to have access to healthy, affordable products for you and your family, especially at a time like this. Follow this page for continuous updates and information about items, orders, policies and safety procedures. Item Availability, Processing & Shipping. We’re working around the clock to re-stock crucial products (including supplements) and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Due to high demand, quantities will be limited on certain items; you may also experience out-of-stock and cancelled items. As a result of the Covid-19, high shipping volume experienced by our delivery partners, order delivery may be delayed an extra 7-10 days, depending on shipping method and location.

Thank you for visiting and shopping at www.vphasebodycleanse.com. Following are the terms and
conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy.
Domestic Shipping Policy
Shipment processing time
All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on
Sunday’s or major holidays.
If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please
allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your
order, we will contact you via email or telephone.
There are no shipping charges for your order inside of the US. International orders are prompted to contact us on the product page to obtain an accurate shipping cost.

Shipment confirmation & Order tracking/International shipping policy:
You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your
tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.
Customs, Duties and Taxes
www.vphasebodycleanse.com is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All
fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).
www.vphasebodycleanse.com is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If you
received your order damaged, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim.
Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim.

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