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This is our most popular kit and really anyone can do this phase. Whether you’re a beginner or familiar with cleansing this is ideal for those ready to commit themselves and begin their cleanse journey. Also very helpful when wanting to transition from S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) to a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle although it’s completely down to personal choice.

For more info on cleansing read our blog article ‘What Cleansing Is’



Comes With:

  • FREE Shipping (only US orders)

  • FREE coaching (when you purchase you’ll be redirected to our private coaching group on Facebook)


  • Empty Mason Jars (for intestinal cleanse shake)

  • Hydrated Bentonite Clay

  • Organic Psyllium husk powder

  • Supply of herb capsules – Key Ingredients: B Vitamins, Manganese, and Beta-Glucans, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover, and Slippery Elm Bark, Flax, Chia seeds, Ginger, dandelion, astragalus, burdock, ashwagandha (click HERE for full list of herbs)

  • PH testing strips

  • Shake schedule (downloadable online)

  • Entry to vPhase Private Access Group where you will receive personal coaching throughout the duration of the cleanse.

  • An Enormous Amount Of LOVE

Please Note: Diet advice and meal planning will be provided in our Private Access group which you’ll be added to once you’ve purchased your kit.


16 reviews for 28 DAY MACRO CLEANSE KIT

  1. Alison Robinson

    Amazing Product. I feel so much better and I actually lost 37 lbs over 28 days. Thank you for all of your help guys.

  2. Jessica Prat

    By far the best detox I’ve ever done. I feel so much better, liter and happier. The best part is none of the weight came back!!

  3. Vanessa Vasquez

    Truly awesome cleanse product’s. My body feels so pure and alive. Thank you so much.

  4. Sarah McCoy

    I feel so much better guys. I’ve lost 36lbs in total. Wow. Thank you!

  5. Matthew Lipert

    Best cleanse products out there. Seriously, thank you so much guys. The help you’ve given me is awesome and my results are great.

  6. Kelly Irwin

    No more high blood pressure for me. Woo hoo. Great products and the coaching you get is awesome. Highly recommended

  7. Patricia Moore

    What can I say guys. I was sceptical and you proved me wrong. This is such a good cleanse and you guys help so much in coaching. Eternally grateful!

  8. Sammy Lee

    I never knew that the answer to my health issues could be so simple. Years of medication and constantly feeling down. All of this was solved in as little as 2 months.

  9. Lisa Manzo

    I hesitated for a long time to start this cleanse. I was left so surprised at how affective it is. The couple that own the business are super nice and helpful too. So happy with my results.

  10. Amanda Stowens

    This was definitely a change for me!! I have struggled with my weight for so long, that I just about gave up on any chance of being happy in my skin!
    I seriously thought I couldn’t do 28 days of cleansing. I mean I was so unsure.

    However the support and motivation I received from the owners of this company in the community group on facebook, made all the difference.

    After they helped me get through my anxiety of not knowing what to do or where to start. I ordered my cleanse and in less than 7 days it was at my doorstep!

    Long story short, it’s literally mind over matter. I got through my 28 days, I not only lost 23lbs but my friends noticed a change in my weight! Thats an awesome plus!! Definitely going to do this again!!

    Thank you to Charlie and Alaska, couldn’t have done this without you and your guidance group!

  11. Felicia Day

    Life changing experience guys. It’s been a real paradigm shift for me. Feel so much better. Incredible experience.

  12. Omar Fielding

    Exceeded my expectations. I know everyone says this but you guys are sooo, helpful. You really go all out on your coaching. I feel great. Thanks again.

  13. Al Dixon

    I really like the way you guys aren’t super militant when you comes to the diet. You take into consideration that some of us find it hard to transition to being vegan straight away. Great experience. Thanks

  14. Latrice Henderson

    Wow! You were totally right about this. Thanks so much for the help. I feel so much better. Skin issues are totally gone too.

  15. Amber Leigh

    Definitely recommend these products! My boyfriend told me I’ve lost weight. So I jumped on the scale and saw I was down 27lbs!!

    Thank you vPhase!

  16. Brenda Rickson

    WOW. I have turned my weight & health around completely. I’m amazed. The help you get is brilliant and the community is a joy to be involved in. Thanks so much.

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