VPHASE BODY CLEANSE CO is the brain child of vegan advocates Alaska Vasquez & Charlie Xavier. Their vision is to educate the masses into the importance of cleansing the body starting with the intestinal tract. As the vPhase founders put it:

“the intestines are the engine of the entire body”

It is the starting point of all illness if it is not cared for and respected. The two pioneers focus their education of cleansing around building awareness of something called ‘mucoid plaque’ which is a toxic like mucus that develops in the intestines through years of poor dietary decisions.

The plaque coats the intestinal wall preventing nutrients from being absorbed and also clings onto partially digested food creating a toxic environment in the colon and intestines.

The existence of mucoid plaque has been the focal point of much controversy however our ambassadors have gone that one step further and delivered real medical proof to the masses by joining forces with medical doctors who specialise in the holistic and homeopathic field with combined professional experience of over 50 years.

Most serious illness is diet related and preventable and our mission is to educate the people to live a healthier, more prosperous and disease free life.

When asked as to their motives of creating vPhase the three responded:

“We’re not promoting the next fad diet, we’re offering a solution to obesity, diet related illness and preventable fatalities by focusing on the real issue as to why people are getting sick. The food. It’s the food that’s the issue, and also the solution. Inasmuch as adopting a plant based diet that has medicinal properties which massively enhance health and well being. Along with regular cleansing people will reduce the risk of serious illness.”