Q: Can I cleanse with a medical condition or while taking a prescription medication? Should I stop taking my medication?

A: Some cleansers have reported that they believe their medications seem more effective while cleansing: perhaps the body’s absorption becomes more efficient. We always recommend that anyone with a serious medical condition and/or taking prescription medications consult with their license health practitioner before cleansing. Do not stop taking medications without discussing it with your health practitioner. Remember; do not ingest any medications or supplements within 45 to 60 minutes before or after taking a vPhase shake, as the shake will bond with medication or nutrients and carry them out of the body.

Q: Can I take birth control pills while on Cleansing?

A: Yes, unless you want to get pregnant. Because birth control pills are a prescription medication, we recommend getting approval from your prescribing health practitioner before cleansing. Remember; do not ingest any medication or supplements within 45-60 minutes before or after taking a vPhase Shake, as the shake will bond with the medication or nutrients and carry them out of the body.

Q: What can I do to increase my electrolyte intake while I cleanse?

A: Drink 30–40 oz. (3-5 glasses) of fresh organic vegetable juice and/or vegetable mineral broth per day, or take in organic electrolyte mineral supplement.

Q: How often should I check my pH during my cleanse?

A: We recommend checking pH before beginning the cleanse with the urine pH test. (Checking pH during the cleanse is misleading as the body is often dumping acids.) It is important to have adequate electrolyte reserves before advancing into deeper phases of cleansing.

Q: Is it OK to take my usual daily supplements? When is the best time?

A: Yes, although it is best to avoid supplements that are protein – based, or contain salt, soy, dairy, or other foods listed on the acid forming foods list. Also avoid probiotics containing large amounts of lactobacillus, which might interfere with your more alkaline forming probiotic. Supplements can be taken with herb sets and/or meals, but do take them within 45–60 minutes before or after the shake.

Q: How can I get enough protein while cleansing? What are good sources?

A: Although most foods contain protein, if you feel you need additional nutrition, add a super green food supplement powder (no cow whey products!!) to juice or take it encapsulated.

Q: Is it OK to continue my daily exercise routine during my cleanse?

A: Yes, but avoid strenuous exercise, especially if you are not used to it. Use my other exercise such as gentle walking, swimming or yoga.

Q: How much weight will I lose on my cleanse? Will I lose muscle mass?

A: Individual weight-loss depends on the individuals need to lose weight. You should not lose muscle mass; however, if you do, it will be regained once you start eating again. Cleansing is not a weight-loss program, it is a path to better health; given the chance, it will find its perfect balance.

Q: Is it OK for women to cleanse while pregnant or breast-feeding?

A: It is not recommended, especially while breast-feeding. During cleansing, toxins are stirred up in me into the blood in breast-milk.

Q: Should I use enemas or colonic’s during my cleanse? Is it required to use them?

A: Yes, you will greatly benefit and feel better if you use enemas and colonic’s. It is not required, just highly recommend it.

Q: Why is it recommended to use distilled water cleansing? Can I use spring or filtered water?

A: Distilled water can pull stored, congesting, inorganic minerals from the body. If you can get pure spring or high-quality filtered water, it will work great.

Q: Is it OK to use sea salt on my food while cleansing?

A: Only if you want to slow down your cleansing. Do not use salt of any kind (Celtic or Himalayan), soy sauce, liquid aminos or miso. Salt hardens plaque and greatly slows cleansing in the body.

Q: When will I begin removing mucoid plaque?

A: It varies by individual, but generally in the first five days if directions are closely followed.

Q: I’m allergic to psyllium husk. What is a good alternative bulking agent?

A: freshly ground flax seed.

Q: Will my body absorb aluminum from the bentonite?

A: No, aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on the earth and its present in bentonite; however, your body cannot absorb the aluminum from the bentonite. Bentonite has a negative electrical charge and the epithelium cells of the digestive tract are also negatively charged. Like the polar opposite of two magnets repelling one another, the cells of your digestive track and bentonite repel one another.

Q: Is it OK to start the Quantum Vetox without doing Macro cleanse?

A: Yes! As long you have had a very clean vegetarian/vegan diet 2 weeks prior to cleansing.

Q: Do you pass mucoid plaque on the 3 Day Rapid cleanse? How soon does it happen?

A: It varies by individual, but generally in the 2nd and 3rd day, if directions are closely followed. However it’s not guaranteed on the shorter cleanses.