3 Day Rapid Cleanse

Want to ”feel lighter, revitalized and in control of your health?” This complete 3 day cleansing system rids the body of potentially harmful toxins and weight and “restores regularity and digestive balance.” 

Lose weight while you detox and rejuvenate your body. An ideal jump start to any diet. For just 3 days you will flood your body with herbs, minerals, soups and smoothies that detoxify your body while you shed pounds. This allows your body to consume the glucose circulating in the blood and switch on the fat burning!

How Does it Work?

This is a 3 day intensive cleanse is ideal for those that want a quick and effective solution to cleansing and weight loss . You will consume only liquids (soups, smoothies, juices) and your volcanic clay, psyllium husk and organic herb capsules are taken four times a day. 

This is also a great for balancing hormones like serotonin so expect a boost of positive energy.  

Bear in mind that the key benefits and health effects will be milder with this cleanse as it’s a shorter process used  for maintenance as opposed to a deep cleanse. 

  • Includes unique herbal formulas that are designed to deeply cleanse and restore balance to the body’s major elimination and detoxification organs
  • Supports optimal digestive health and regularity, and offers relief from occasional constipation, bloating and other digestive discomfort
  • Improves immune health and overall well-being, helping you feel lighter and more energized, with clearer, more healthy-looking skin
  • Access to our members only group with guided units, Professional assistance, community support, and plenty of dietary recommendations*
  • Made in an FDA inspected and registered facility to meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.*

What Can I Expect?

The 3 Day Rapid Cleanse is for those that want to gradually introduce themselves to cleansing or used as a maintenance in between our more effective cleanse kits,  however you will still remove a reasonable percentage of toxins, heavy metals, calcified faecal matter and possibly intestinal parasites & mucoid plaque, however it’s not guaranteed. 

If you’re overweight you can also lose 8lbs-10lbs in 3 days. However if you’re at your ideal weight you will not lose any additional pounds. 

You can also expect a complete transformation in energy levels, mood and a range of health benefits. 

Reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, improved moods, better liver function, boosts immune system, increased energy, reduced risk of colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a range of lifestyle based illnesses. 

How Often Do I Cleanse?

You have to understand that a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices and exposure to environmental toxicity will not be rectified overnight.


This is why we recommend that you cleanse as part of a lifestyle as opposed to just once. The 3 Day Rapid Cleanse can be done every month as a regular maintenance cleanse however we recommend moving up to the more advanced 28 Day Macro Cleanse or Quantum Vetox which should be done up to 4 times a year for maximum benefits. 

What's in My Kit?

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