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What is vPhase?

100% organic, vegan intestinal cleanse that invigorates health & boosts vitality.

vPhase Body Cleanse is a 100% Organic intestinal cleanse system & educational platform providing support and coaching from qualified health professionals.

Cleansing your intestines is vital for a happy, healthy life, however we’re all leading increasingly busy lives. So what we need is a cleanse that is both nutritionally complete, convenient & that combines a specially designed vegan diet giving your body just the right amount of protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals while completely cleaning your intestines & colon.

vPhase is all this and much more. It’s 100% vegan, lactose-free, soy-free, gluten free, kosher, GMO-free, and it’s approved by Registered Nutritionists & Health Professionals.

Why do we need vPhase?

Avoidance of lifestyle based diseases, weight gain & poor health is as simple cleansing & eating a plant based diet.

vPhase is a convenient and complete intestinal cleanse  that supports the removal of toxins, heavy metals, radiation, calcified faecal matter, intestinal parasites and mucoid plaque from the body,  so it’s the perfect solution if you want to boost your immunity, avoid lifestyle based diseases,  save time and money, reduce your meat, seafood & dairy consumption, improve your diet, or lose some weight. 

Approved by Registered Health Professionals & Pro Athletes!

“When your mind and body work at their optimal and in synergy together, you become unstoppable”. In my professional opinion vPhase is the answer to this & much more"
Mark Anthony King
Author of Master Keto & Protégé of Les Brown
"Athletes are continually proving that veganism hugely improves performance. vPhase is the key that we've been looking for, to maximise health & enhance overall fitness"
Austin Trout
Former World Champion Super Middleweight Boxer
"As a cancer survivor I look for holistic ways to take care of myself & assist my clients. Seeing the waste & toxicity I released by using vPhase was a major factor for me"
Tracie Randolph
Certified Health & Mindset Coach

What are People Saying About vPhase?

Former World Champion Super Middleweight Boxer Austin (No Doubt) Trout Unboxing Video

"Athletes are continually proving that veganism hugely improves performance. vPhase is the key that we've been looking for, to maximise health & enhance overall fitness"

What's in vPhase?

vPhase is a 100% organic intestinal cleanse product containing zero junk, additives or preservatives. We are committed to putting your health first by using only the highest quality ingredients while being ethical, environmentally friendly, having extremely high manufacturing standards, and being affordable.


What we use:

Volcanic Bentonite Clay

Psyllium Husk Powder

Organic Herb Capsules

Raw Vegan Diet


Experience your cleanse with our tribe

We take pride in delivering only the best coaching. Once You've ordered your kit you will be redirected to the vPhase Coaching Community.

You will join our community of like minded individuals & access tutorials to guide you through your cleanse.

We even have a panel of Registered Nutritionists & Health experts for you to ask questions & get further help & diet advise.


"vPhase Body Cleanse it’s totally changed the way I feel and look. This cleanse helped change a multitude of symptoms I was having like tiredness and bloating, and I would have aches and pains, I just felt bad all the time. Now my life has taken on a whole new meaning because I’ve learned the truth about the foods I eat."
helen johnson


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